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What is money?

The following article is an excerpt from the book: 

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You are born to reign! You are born to experience financial success. Anyone who tells you differently is ignorant of a universal truth. But make no mistake; success never arrives on a platter. It comes only to those who adhere to universal principles – ageless laws that point to a glorious life of financial fortune. This tutorial is intended to help reshape your perspectives about money and initiate you into the process of mastering money. You will learn why you need to make money work for you, instead of working for money as you may have been doing.

I believe perception determines reception. Put simply, what you see determines what you receive. This implies that wrong perception will only produce wrong reception. So, to be emphatically frank with you, there are truly no poor people, there are only poor minds. This tutorial will reveal the origin of money, show what money really is, portray the importance of money and expose some misconceptions that will clear your perspectives about money and set you on the journey of becoming a money master.


The history of money concerns the development of means of carrying out transactions involving a physical medium of exchange (Wikipedia). Money is any clearly identifiable object of value that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts within a market or which is legal tender within a country.

Many things have been used as medium of exchange in markets including, for example, livestock and sacks of cereal grain (from which the Shekel is derived) – things directly useful in themselves, but also sometimes merely attractive items such as cowry shells or beads were exchanged for more useful commodities. Precious metals, from which early coins were made, fall into both categories.

In modern times the broader concept of "money" includes other forms of money such as bank accounts. The history of money also includes items such as credit cards and even bitcoin.

In conclusion, money is simply a means of exchange of goods and services. Hence, without something to exchange, money is not coming your way. So, in essence the value of what you are worth cannot be measured by merely considering the dollar bills you have or businesses you own. I believe we should equally take into consideration the assets and potentials you have that can be exchanged for money. Pause and think for a moment… You are actually richer than you think!

Visit Money Master Tutorials to learn how to make, maintain and multiply your money.

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The following article is an excerpt from the book:  Introduction to Money Mastery

Click here to download a free copy.

Visit Money Master Tutorials to learn how to make, maintain and multiply your money.
There are many misconceptions about money and some of these account for why many are so misled into living in perpetual bondage. There are many opportunities and possibilities out there for anyone to prosper financially. It all depends on your mindset. If you have a negative mindset, you will approach money wrongly. It’s all about mindset! Most of these erroneous misconceptions are religious and those who adhere to them are most often the most miserable in society.
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