10 Richest Pastors: Millionaires Spark Controversy!

10 Richest Pastors: Millionaires Spark Controversy!

This is rather an unusual post, I guess!
 The ranking of men of God according to their wealth?
Many are puzzled by the thought that being a pastor can be a ticket to fortune and wealth, but times have changed. I, in no way endorse any of the pastors featured here but merely present a realistic ranking of the top 10 richest pastors in the world. Below is a list of 10 Richest Pastors who are raking in megabucks as they spread the word.
Note: I was inspired to invest in multi-businesses though being a totally committed preacher by the testimony of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a preacher and business man with million dollar investments all across the world.
He said: ''I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me."
I believe God is not against getting rich but against doing so through fraudulent means or with wrong motives. Of what use is money to me if it's not used to glorify the creator? 
Well, no time for a debate now. Join the conversation by leaving a comment below and I'll catch up with you.

1. David Oyedepo 

$150 Million

David Oyedepo's networth $150 Million

Being a cleric has never been so profitable ask Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo whose net worth sits at $150 million. Oyedepo also known as “papa” is the founder of Living Faith Church World Wide.  The man Of God is not shy of splurging his wealth on the good life. He owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a fleet of private jets.

2. Benny Hinn 

$42 Million

Benny Hinn $42 Million

The American Evangelist has been spreading the word since 1983 when he established the Orlando Christian Center. Hinn’s popularity has continued to soar through the years, which has seen him become one of the richest pastors with a net worth of $42 Million. His ability to “cure” terminal illnesses such as cancer has, however, been a source of controversy.

3. Joel Osteen

$40 Million

Joel Osteen $40 Million

Joel’s high-watt charisma has endeared audiences all over the world. He is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, which was founded by his late father John Osteen. Today, Lakewood stands as the largest and fastest growing church in America. With over 38,000 attendees every week, the Church undoubtedly brings in thousands. But Joel’s appeal transcends the altar; he is also a bestselling author. His net worth stands at $40 million.

4. Chris Oyakhilome 'pastor Chris'  

$30-50 Million

Chris Oyakhilome 'pastor Chris'  Net worth $30-50 Million

Oyakhilome is yet another Nigerian Pastor who is making some good money from the church ministry. He is the man behind Christ Embassy, a church and mission group with offices in United Kingdom, USA, and South Africa.  Forbes estimates Pastor Chris’ net worth to be between $30-50 million.

5. Creflo Dollar 

$27 Million

Creflo Dollar's Net Worth $27 Million

His name screams money, and he does have a lot of it. Pastor Dollar is one of the prominent African-American pastors in the USA. His World Changers International commands a huge following with 30,000 followers stemming from the Atlanta region alone. His net worth is estimated at $27 million, but it could be more. He is known to be quite privy when it comes to his financial assets.

6. Billy Graham 

$25 Million

Billy Graham Net Worth $25 Million
Graham is the longest serving Evangelical Pastor on our list with his ministry dating back to the 1940s. His spiritual allure has seen him become the advisor of several presidents including Lyndon Johnson.  The 95 year old pastor whose net worth stands at $25 million remains one of the most revered clerics of the 20th century. 

7. Rick Warren

$25 Million

Rick Warren's Net Worth $25 Million

 Besides being the pastor of the eighth largest church in the USA( Saddleback Church), Rick  has also authored numerous Christian books which have sold millions of copies. While some of the pastors on our list live multi-million dollar lifestyles, Rick’s lifestyle is considerably down to earth.  He admittedly gives away 90% of his income and lives off 10%. He is worth $25 Million.  

8. T.D Jakes 

$18 Million

This Charismatic Bishop has managed to capture the hearts of many Christians. He is the founder and chief pastor of The Potter’s House which boasts of having 30,000 members. His net worth of $18 million largely stems from his ministry, but besides being a fiery Bishop, he is also an author and an actor.
T.D Jakes' Net Worth $18 Million

9. Temitope Joshua

 $15 Million

TB Joshua's Networth $15 Million
Pastor Temitope has made a name for himself as one of the most charitable Nigerian Evangelists.  When he founded The Synagogue Church Of All Nations, he never imagined his net worth would one day sum up to $15 million. He only had a handful of followers for the first few months, but today more than 15,000 members turn up for his Sunday service.

10. Matthew Ashimolowo

 $6-10 Million

Matthew Ashimolowo's Net Worth $6-10 Million

Matthew had been a Muslim until the age of 22 when he converted to Christianity after his father’s death. He attended Bible School and developed a keen interest in the religion. Today, he is the senior pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre. His net worth which is estimated at $6-10 million has been bolstered by documentaries from his media company and the sale of Christian literature.
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