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The love of Jesus - Overwhelming

The love of Jesus - Overwhelming, This little child is overwhelm by the unmeasurable love Jesus has for him so much so that He died for Him. He can't hold his emotions any more and busts into tears as he tells his other how Jesus loves Him to the point of laying down His life on Calvary.

Dr Billy Graham Teaches About Salvation By Grace through Faith in the Lord

Dr Abel Damina's shocking answers on tithing. ''Christian should not pay tithes....

Dr Abel Damina's shocking answers on tithing.

''Christian should not pay tithes.. they should give more''. Dr Abel Damina once again blows the mind of the religious custodians of the law with his views on tithing as regards new testament christians.

Tithing in the Bible - Is Tithing for the New Testament Believer?
Why You Should NOT Tithe (Selected Scriptures)

“It would be political suicide to give that speech,” said an aide to his boss. “He’s right, Senator,” chimed in another aide. “It’s just one clear-cut statement after another” (Morrie Brickman, Reader’s Digest [4/83]).

It’s probably suicidal for a pastor to preach on why you should not tithe! It’s risky at best, because some may hear the part about not tithing and block out the rest of the message! I would guess that if everyone who came regularly to this church gave ten percent to the church, our income would probably triple, at least! So why am I not preaching instead on why you should tithe? The answer is t…

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