About Kum Eric Tso

      Kum Eric Tso was born in Mmen, in the North West Region of Cameroon in 1989. He holds a B.A in Linguistics (Hons) from the University of Buea. He has been a trained educator since 2013 and has taught English Language, Literature in English and Computer Science in several institutions in Douala including: G.B.H.S Genie Militaire; Atlanta Bilingual Comprehensive High School Bonaberi; College Polyvalent Deo Gratias Nyalla, La Cadenelle Anglo-Saxon College PK 10, Institut Jean Paul II and College du Soleil. As a linguist, he speaks and writes Mmen, English and French. He has served as a trainer, teacher of English language to non English speakers, translator and interpreter in different local church assemblies and assorted milieus.

 He is a young pace setter and trail blazer in leadership with several youths under his mentorship. He believes the only way to fulfill your dream is to help others fulfill theirs. He currently hosts moneymastertutorials.com where he trains many on how to create a professional website and kick start their own organization or business online.

        Kum Eric Tso is presently the founding president of Voice of Dominion Ministries International with Headquarters in Douala, Cameroon, and the author of several books. He is a preacher of the Gospel of Christ, an evangelist with a mandate to reveal Christ and restore dominion to fallen man across the world.

        He is also the founder of Saint Ket Foundation, a charity organization aimed at reaching out to the less privileged; orphans, widows, prisoners ; the elderly, the handicapped, the molested, the rejected, the abandoned, etc. Thanks to the foundation’s partners across the world, the team is able to manifest the love of Christ and bring hope to many across the world. Saint Ket Publishers, a product of the foundation offers free publication services to writers.
           Apart from being the author of bestselling books like God’s Plan Of Salvation For You, he holds several distinctions and over 300 poems to his record and a handful of plays.

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