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The following article is an excerpt from the book: 

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Money is not just important but indispensable to every human being. It’s a need and not a want. Money is not just what you want, it’s what you need. Nobody in his or her right senses says, ‘I love poverty’. Even those who preach against prosperity still wish their love ones a prosperous new year. I have never heard anyone say, ‘happy poverty new year!’. The importance of money cannot be exhausted in any single book. However, we’ll take a look at some top seven vital reasons why we need money.

Reason #1: You need money for basic needs

You must agree with me that we all need money for basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. Do you realize how many hundreds of thousands are dying everyday because they lack food, warm clothing in extremely cold areas and a place to sleep? I’ve been homeless once; so I know what I’m talking about. The point is this, we don’t just need money for survival, we need it for comfort. We need it for a better life. That is why several organizations such as Saint Ket Foundation have been set up to reach out to the needy. That is why you need to be rich in order to be of help, a means of deliverance to those in captivity.

Reason #2: You need money for quality healthcare

Thousands across the world die yearly due to inadequate medical care. How many pregnant women suffer and eventually die daily due to lack of good medical care? How many die in Africa because they can’t afford up to $5 for malaria treatment or get mosquito tents in the first place? The questions could go on and on. You definitely need money in order to stay healthy. Not only to run to the hospital when you are sick but to be able to constantly do your medical checkup and stay healthy. You need money!

Reason #3: You need money to facilitate movement
With the evolution of time, transportation of people, goods and services demands finance. You don’t only need money to travel, but you need it for convenience and also to catch up with the time constraints nowadays. That’s why at some point, some need a jet. There is a difference between travelling by public transport in an overloaded bus in which you are tightly packed like sardines for about 8 hours from Bamenda to Douala or from Calabar to Lagos with all the security risks on the way (which I had personally experienced several times in the past) and travelling by air which is very comfortable and takes just minutes to arrive at your destination. How many die at sea daily by trying to cross to Europe in a boat? What is the reason behind all these? Money!

In the same vein, we need money to run a business; to easily deliver goods and services to customers. With a good transportation service put in place, we’ll be able to deliver quality services to our clients and eventually grow our business. You need money.

Reason #4: You need money for quality education

In order to sponsor your children in school and guarantee a successful future for them, you need money to send them to quality schools that offer quality programs that will secure employment for them tomorrow. Someone once said, ‘if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.’ The effects of poor education or the absence of it completely can be devastating. That is why I never stop learning.
I keep learning the things I need to know in order to fulfill my glorious destiny. I currently have over a thousand eBooks and hundreds of audio and video teachings on my laptop. Not forgetting the different applications I use. That of course cost a lot of money and it’s definitely money well spent. Well, you can only guess how much I make per second even in my deepest sleep thanks to the knowledge I acquired from all these materials.

The point is this, quality education is more important than all the money in the world but you need money to get it. Money without the right mindset will only cause more harm to the possessor and the society at large. Children are likely to develop disturbing behavior and in some cases pose a threat to the society due to the fact that they were either uneducated, raised in an unconducive environment or went to poor schools. You need money!

Reason #5: True riches contribute to happiness

Another vital reason why money is important is that it contributes to happiness. Money does not equal happiness but it largely contributes to happiness. Take note that I’m talking about true riches here. I don’t mean false riches or money gotten on the platform of iniquity. Money guarantees peace in many homes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that there is no true romance without finance. No money, no honey! And if you’re a man, don’t think that your wife is materialistic (though some are) but rather think that you need to be responsible. You need to be the man! I mean the head when it comes to finance. That is God’s design for marriage. That’s why He says:

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”             1 Timothy 5:8

Most divorces took place when a job was lost or when the man became indebted. By the way, it is difficult to see the wife of a rich man idling about and gossiping in the neighborhood. She is either busy managing one investment or the order or doing something meaningful. All nagging wives have broke husbands. Ooops! Pardon me, but this is plain black and white truth. You need money to buy a gift for your spouse; to take a vacation; to take your friends out; to take your children out and buy them gifts; to have fun and do a lot of cool stuff. The absence of money simply brings shame in place of happiness. You need money!
Reason #6: Money is a defence

“For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence:  but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it."    Ecclesiastes 7:12
Money is a defence. It can defend you in many ways. So many innocent people have gone to prison unjustly with many of them never appearing before a judge because of the lack of a defence, I mean money. Similarly, others found guilty of a particular crime have legally paid for their freedom through court fines and so on. More to that, people lose pieces of land and other properties to those who are financially viable every day. Many have good cases yet remain helplessly helpless because of the lack of money. But with money, you’ll defend yourself, your family, your property and your values.

How many people really listen to a poor man’s opinion in a family meeting or any other type of gathering you could think of? But most of the time when a rich man speaks, it is final. Why? The community unconsciously understands that there are no poor people, only poor minds. The wisdom of a poor man is often despised. Even when the rich man doesn’t talk, many will still pay more attention to him and even inquire if he has something to say. After all, the rich man will certainly bring the money needed to carry out whatever project discussed. So, there are places where one cannot talk because of the absence of money.

Reason #7: You need money for protection

You need money for protection. That is why there are a lot of security companies set up every day to offer protection to individuals, companies and institutions like banks, schools, hotels, airports and so on. As a matter of fact, the US and many other countries are putting in millions and millions of US dollars in order to guarantee the safety of their citizens and fight terrorism. Security has become one of the most costly investments across the world.
No one is left out; from individual homes to religious institutions, we need security. Even on the internet, we need security. We need to secure our websites from hackers and other malicious activities. All this takes money. It took money to protect this book by registering it under the International Copyright Law.

These and many other reasons not stated here account for why we need money and the need to become money masters as well. 

Visit Money Master Tutorials to learn how to make, maintain and multiply your money

Visit Money Master Tutorials to learn how to make, maintain and multiply your money
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The following article is an excerpt from the book:  Introduction to Money Mastery

Click here to download a free copy.

Visit Money Master Tutorials to learn how to make, maintain and multiply your money.
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REIGNING BY GRACE Visit your favorite retailer to download a free copy of GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION FOR YOU by Kum Eric Tso or simply click here: to go the author's page.
Visit your favorite retailer to download a free copy of GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION FOR YOU by Kum Eric Tso or simply click here: to go the author's page.

“So that as sin has reigned in death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 5:21.

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Created to worship, born to reign by grace. Romans 5:17